The ZPellets Difference

Want to know why ZPellets are America’s leader for absorption and solidification projects?


ZPellets ABSORB 6X their weight in freestanding liquid.
ZPellets ABSORB 10X – 14X their weight in a 60/40 liquid/solid mixture (sludge or slurry)

Cost Savings

ZPellets significantly reduce absorption-solidification project costs. Superior performance means less material used, less handling, and less hauling required. This results in significant cost savings for our customers.

Many Industries Served

ZPellets vs Wood Pellets

  • 300% Better Performance than wood pellets
  • 50% Less Expensive per cubic yard of solidification
  • 66% Less Handling & Hauling

Just 1 ton of ZPellets treats 1,400 gallons of liquid versus needing 3 tons of wood pellets to solidify the same amount of liquid.

It would take THREE BAGS of wood pellets to accomplish what ZPellets can do with ONE BAG

ZPellets vs The Rest

Portland Cement and Lime products can cause chemical burns and skin irritation when used

Exposure to Cement Kiln Dust and Fly Ash have been linked to cancer-causing carcinogens

ZPellets have ZERO Environmental or Health Concerns!  

  • Safe to Handle
  • Non-Toxic
  • Environmentally Friendly          

Zero Water Release

Our superior engineering results in zero water release

ZPellets converts all liquids to non-liquids, giving you complete moisture retention all the way to the landfill and beyond.

No matter how far the drive or bumpy the road!

Lock in the water with Z-Pellets!


ZPellets are a dredgers best friend. A 1,000,000-ton dredging project normally requires a kings ransom in absorbents. With ZPellets, we cut your material costs and more importantly, we cut your material handling, processing, and hauling costs significantly. ZPellets encapsulate moisture and provide bulk for solidification and land-fill disposal. ZPellets also make materials workable, for some river dredging clients, our superior water encapsulation capability allows the silt to be mixed with select compounds and/or nutrients. Material can then be mixed using our pugmills and resold to farmers in the agricultural sector. With ZPellets, the possibilities are endless.


ZPellets can be utilized in multiple stages of a hydro-excavation project.  ZPellets can be added directly to the vac-can, instantly combining the high absorption pellets to slurry which saves time and money on spoil handling and removal.

ZPellets can also be mixed with slurry or wet spoils post-excavation, using a roll off bin or mix pit on site, for a faster absorption and disposal process.

Carl from IWC says, “ZPellets allow our crews to meter in the absorption material as they vacuum out the hole. This alleviates a later step of having to deal with a tank full of slurry liquid after the hole is dug. What happens instead is a completely dry and manageable material that can be dumped on site or hauled off to a disposal facility.”


ZPellets are super absorbent and very lightweight. They are mixed with waste water, sludges, and slurries and used in many soil remediation projects. Reduced weight lowers tipping disposal fees at the landfill. Super absorption reduces project costs (handling, hauling, labor, insurance, etc). ZPellets also prevent spillage of liquid waste from dump-trucks in route to the landfill. In one project which involved remediating a fly-ash pond, the pond was dewatered and the fly ash was scraped off and hauled to a newly lined location. Approximately 10,000 tons of ZPellets were used during the project to line the tailgate of the dump trucks to prevent spillage of the excess liquids and of water released due to road vibration. ZPellets made sure there was zero water release and encapsulated 100% of the excess water.

Designed For Projects Of All Shapes and Sizes

We recognize that each project has unique nuances. The experts at ZorbsMORE are here to explain how ZPellets can help you save time, save money, and help grow your business.

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