ZorbsMORE builds severe duty pugmills, designed for mixing a variety of materials with our absorbent and solidification products, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, customized to your requirements.

ZorbsMORE’s severe duty pugmills are designed to meet the unique needs of our customers; processing of tailings and cementing flow-back liquids, processing of coal filter cake, silt, liquid waste solidification, contaminated soil remediation, base soil stabilization, cold-asphalt production, general aggregate and soil mixing, and other applications.

SLUDGEpug Pugmills

Built for mixing absorbents with such products as dredged materials, liquid waste, sludge wastes, oil and gas tailings, cementing flow-back liquids, and cement wash out materials, SLUDGEpug incorporates a sealed dual screw bin with cross-screw, incline screw, and pugmill. A silo with metered feed-screw, can be added. The pugmill system can be further customized to your specific needs. Use ZorbsMORE Z-Pellets for a complete remediation solution to solidify and encapsulate sludges in free-standing water, with ZERO water release. Z-Pellets are safe and non-toxic. Providing reduced project costs, Z-Pellets are the most cost-effective solution for land filling.

Our Newest Installations

SLUDGEpugs are in operation at Waste Management in Ohio and Petta Industries in West Virginia.

SLUDGEpug Pugmill System

Engineered to solve a major concern of coal plants, efficiently converting filter cake (a biproduct of burning gob coal) into a product that can be easily handled for reintroduction back into the furnace. We’ve solved this problem by mixing the filter cake with Z-Max by ZorbsMORE. COALCAKEpug pugmill uses an extended length stainless steel pugmill, with uniquely designed Z-Max paddles for optimal mixing and extended contact time. The final product is free-flowing and easy to handle, optimizing efficiency, and dramatically reducing both cycle time and production costs.

Our Customers, Their Success Stories

Northgate Holdings is processing and solidifying 150+ gallons of wastewater/minute for Waste Management’s landfill.

NJ Site & Utility is performing soil remediation of sub-standard clay, mixing it with lime and installing the solidified final product, back on the jobsite, with the site to be used for building construction.

Pettis County Missouri recently received grant funding for their pugmill purchased for cold-patch production for roadway paving construction.