ZMax SAP (Superabsorbent Polymer)

The ZMax Difference

ZMax is a super absorbent polymer with absorbency abilities up to 400x its own mass.


ZMax is used in a wide variety of innovative ways improving industrial processes, solving problems for our customers

ZMax in Action

Advantages of a CoalCake Pugmill System

ZMax Performance

ZMAX SAP ABSORBS 400X its weight in freestanding liquid. Just 0.2% of our product is enough to turn clumpy, dense gob-coal with 38% moisture, into small ¼” granules when mixed with a pugmill system. 

The Modern Solution

The traditional technique of drying out filter cake is that of a bygone era. Filter cake is dumped and spread across a field where it’s left to dry in the sun. Periodically, the material is flipped with a bucket loader to facilitate drying. Rainfall sets this process back and increases drying time. Drying can take 6 months or more and the process involves considerable handling. Despite the high cost and inefficiency of the process, it is still the most common way coal is dried today. 

Our process revolutionizes filter-cake processing, turning an outdated process into a model of efficiency. ZMax SAP is mixed and blended with coal filter cake, using a pugmill (such as the COALCAKEpug pugmill system by PavementGroup). Filter cake is very clumpy and wet as it discharges from the coal plant. Our process allows for a steady stream of filter-cake to feed into the pugmill at a continuous rate, tailored to the customers needs.

Designed For Projects Of All Shapes and Sizes

We recognize that each project has unique nuances. The experts at ZorbsMORE are here to explain how ZMax can help you save time, save money, and help grow your business.

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