The ZPellets Difference

ZPellets encapsulate moisture and provide bulk for solidification and landfill disposal. When ZPellets are mixed with wet and clumpy dredged materials, the sediment clumps are able to break into small ½” granules, which greatly simplify the handling and disposal process. Now mineral rich sediments can be packaged and sold to farms and other agricultural customers. 

With ZPellets the possibilities are endless for dredgers! 


In our most recent tests at Carver Companies at the Port of Coeymans (NY), dredged sediments were lifted from the Hudson River along their main dock. Approximately 14 tons of wet sediment was placed into a dump truck and mixed with 1 ton of ZPellets, using the dredging bucket. While the mixing process wasn’t set up for efficiency, after just several minutes of mixing, the water had been fully absorbed. The solidified material was stackable and could be transported by truck without liquid release.

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Our Advantages

Turn Your Sediments into Profit

When dredged sediments are mixed with ZPellets, clumpy globs of dredged sediment become loose, airy, and freeflowingLarge chunks of wet, slimy, and hard-to handle silt are quickly transformed into 1/2” minus free-flowing granules; a size that’s perfect for packaging and easy for consumers to handleIf the dredged materials contain mineral rich sediments, this product will be high in demand by farmers. The materials can be packaged and sold by itself or mixed with other nutrients prior to packaging. Our proprietary formulation allows for a slow time release of absorbed liquids and nutrients, a further benefit to farmers. Packaged, mineral-rich sediments are a perfect fit for farms and agricultural supply stores.

Mixing ZPellets

Mechanical mixing can occur on a dock or barge using mechanical equipment or you can introduce a pugmill. With a pugmill, the process can be streamlined for efficient processing from 50-750 tons/hour.

What is the best equipment to use with ZPellets?

How much will switching to ZPellets save you?

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