ZBloc+ for
Dust Supression

The ZBloc+ Difference

ZBloc+ is a highly effective, bio-based dust suppressant that specializes in binding dust particles. Our product is safe to handle, is very cost effective, and can be driven on right away with minimal tire tracks. ZBloc+ penetrates up to 3″ of surface and works better with each application. 

Extended use of ZBloc+ Dust Suppressant is proven to:

  • Significantly reduces the use of water and truck fuel
  • Save on time, labor, and vehicle wear 
  • Improve air quality of the job site and surrounding area

How ZBloc+ Works

ZBloc+ dosage and concentration depends on the level and source of dust. When treating stone and gravel surfaces, a full concentration may be used, which will provide MONTHS of long-lasting dust suppression. 

Construction sites, quarries, and municipalities maintaining long stretches of country roadways all benefit from using our product. ZBloc+ performs from the first spray down and builds upon itself with each application, continuing to perform long after the water has evaporated.

According to USDA recommendations on dust suppressants, you have to apply calcium and magnesium chloride products TWICE  as often as a soy-based dust suppressant like ZBloc+. 

Unlike calcium and magnesium chlorides – ZBloc+ is NON-CORROSIVE – meaning your equipment will not be effected or damaged by the harmful salts in corrosive products.

Our Advantages

Designed For Projects Of All Shapes and Sizes

We recognize that each project has unique nuances. The experts at ZorbsMORE are here to explain how ZBloc+ can help you save time, save money, and help grow your business.

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