ZBloc vs Calcium/Magnesium Chloride

According to USDA information on dust suppressants, you will have to apply calcium/magnesium chloride twice as often as a soy-based dust suppressant. ZBloc is just that very competitive, soy-based dust suppressant!
For every 500 Gallons of water, you’ll need to spend $540 using Calcium Chloride, and only $475 with ZBloc.

  • Calcium Chloride:18 50lb bags at $30 (low side) per bag. $30 x 18= $540 cost
  • ZBloc: $19 per gallon. 1-20, Zbloc to water. 25 gallons of ZBloc needed. (500/20 = 25) 25 x $19.00 = $475 cost

ZBloc is 12% cheaper and you need to reapply 50% less – Reap the Savings!

Soy-Based Benefits

ZBloc is an additive for industrial water trucks. 

The most popular benefits of soy-based dust suppressants include:

  • Less product with each successive application because it builds on itself.
  • Control of amount of water used in applications.
  • Reduces cost per gallon for subsequent applications.
  • Can be driven on immediately after application.
  • Tracking from automobile tires is minimal.
  • It’s only wet during application
  • No runoff due to rain.


There aren’t ANY safety precautions with ZBloc as it is a biodegradable, soy-based product!
Calcium and magnesium chloride, on the other hand, are both water soluble. When it rains, they dissolve. Run-off could end up in your ground water! They are corrosive, and many safety precautions must be taken when applying them.

  • Dust Respirators
  • Eye Protection
  • Rubber Boots, Rubber Gloves, and Coveralls


When ZBloc is applied, it penetrates up to three inches below the road’s surface and bonds with the bed material to form a protective shield. 

This protective coating not only controls dust, but also stabilizes the road material, so grading is required less frequently. 

This bond also reduces the pulverization of the road, reducing the need for additional loads of gravel each year.

ZBloc is Clearly Superior to other suppressants!



Even in high-traffic areas where semi-trailers and school buses would kick up clouds of dust, ZBloc does the job

  • Penetrating the road surface to a depth of one inch to three inches
    Which binds loose gravel to the limestone dust
    To form a compacted surface


It means long-term savings in road maintenance. 
It means protecting the environment by making use of one of our most abundant and renewable American resources.
Looking for a safe, cost effective, non-toxic, environmentally friendly way to keep road dust down? This should settle it!