ZQuine - For a Healthy Stall and a Healthy Horse

ZQuine is the safe, effective and environmentally friendly option to bed your horse’s stalls and trailers. Our super absorbent, patent-pending blend offers 6x the absorbency compared to other leading brands. In addition to absorbing liquids, ZQuine will also control ammonia odor that can be harmful to your horse.

Why ZQuine?


ZQuine is a proprietary blend of wood and select agricultural fibers engineered to quickly absorb and contain urine while eliminating ammonia odors. This product is an asset to waste minimization efforts.

ZQuine is an environmentally sound, renewable, sustainable product. ZorbsMORE uses 100% virgin wood fibers in ZQuine – ensuring that your horse is safe from the harmful plastics, metals, and contaminates found in reclaimed wood.

ZQuine is the cost effective strategy to reducing your waste stream volumes that will provide huge savings in disposal fees, trucking fees, barn labor and material handling efforts.

With other bedding brands using sawdust, shavings, or wood pellets; the best effective absorption ratio that can be expected is 1:2 (1lb. of wood pellets will typically absorb 2lb.of water).

ZQuine is a product that absorbs 6X’s its weight quickly and with zero water release!

30-Day Product Comparison

One bag of our ZQuine bedding crumbles performs double duty compared the the market leading brands.  Not only will ZQuine absorb 6x more liquids but will elimate ammonia odors without the use of cover scents and perfumes.  See how our product compares to the competition over a one month period:

Customer Testimonials

Bordeaux is very happy with his new bedding. He loves to take his morning nap just laying comfortably on the clean and soft bedding!

Since I have started using ZQuine, the stalls have been easier and quicker to clean.  Urine just clumps together and it is like removing cat litter!!

I started with six bags in a 12′ x 12′ stall. It had “puffed” up by the next day and I was able to bank the walls with it, too.  I was amazed with the product. The first week I didn’t need to add any bedding for 8 days and, at that point, it only needed one bag!

Heather - Saddles 101

This top photo is the morning before I applied ZQuine to my stalls. You can clearly see how wet the base of this stall is. This mare walks the stall and as a result, it needed to be stripped almost daily.

This bottom photo is 2 days after laying down ZQuine, and like magic, it still looks like a freshly bedded stall and it’s dry! 

The bedding’s ability to absorb urine is by far the best I’ve used. It has also cut my stall cleaning time by almost half. I also think we have less flies.  I didn’t know at first how the bedding would affect flies, but it’s the only thing that has changed.

I’ve told several people about ZQuine. They all say the same thing… Where can I get some? I think if they could get a couple bags they would be hooked. The product would most likely sell itself.

Thanks so much, truly the best bedding that I have ever used!

Amanda W.

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We recognize that each project has unique nuances. The experts at ZorbsMORE are here to explain how ZQuine can help you save time, save money, and help grow your business.

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